Reality of thinking from food Middle East Islamic world

Served with hummus of the pork loin sauteed garbanzo Author of the study is the Islamic society in the Middle East. Carried out field work in the center of the Upper Egypt, we are studying the local people of life and culture, about society. Especially to have the interest [things], it is among them food. Speaking of their daily food, it is such as bread and rice, vegetables, meat. Cattle and goats, camels, and even eat rabbit, to pigeons. But pork is not eaten by the discipline of Islam. How to eat, unlike Japan, large round dish on top of the tray is lined up dishes piled, It is essential to eat together with everyone. Muslims (Muslims), the hospitality of the spirit is a rich, we have a frame of mind to welcome the audience at any time. But man is a man with each other, a woman will eat woman to each other. [Halal] Have you ever heard the term [haram]? This is a word that indicates the norms of Islam of food, in general [halal] may eat, it has been understood to mean that, do not eat [haram] is. For example, alcohol and pork is [haram].

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