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Served with hummus of the pork loin sauteed garbanzo The growing meat demand in China Asia on business opportunities! While the domestic market is shrinking, there is a growing meat demand in foreign countries. For example, the consumption of Chinese beef pork proceeds [carnivorous of] by economic development, are expected to expand to 2.0 years in the 0-year-old split a little less than - split also growth rate of. The demand growth in these global scale Itoham is regarded as a business opportunity, 00 year country, advanced to 00 years in Thailand, it struck a strategic move of China Asia market capture. In 0 years, Western wholly owned subsidiary of the meat leading Anzukofuzu Corporation of New Zealand with an extensive sales network in Asia Middle East. Through the Group companies overseas, a variety of meat and processed meat products, we plan to expand sales to Asian countries, including the halal market.

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