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Served with hummus of the pork loin sauteed garbanzo That it is common to humanity, anywhere in the country of any people is that to eat in everyday life. Features of the nation, would be good to say that most often appear in the diet habits. Let me introduce the meal of the Jews. To talk about the meal, you will tell the precepts surrounding meal. There is a provision in the etiquette of when you eat any religion, Judaism has provided a complex series of precepts at an exceptionally emphasis on this. The name of the law for the meal of Judaism In Judaism, we have established a food do not eat the food may be food. Kashrut (proper food provisions, meal provisions) in Hebrew that of this law is called. It is said that Kosher things to eat may be food in general, but it is called the way of Ashkenazi system of Cashel (proper) of Hebrew. Sometimes translated as [Kiyoshii] the Cashel. Here are collectively referred to matters related to these meal provisions, and unified notation [Kosher]. By the way, KOSHER next would be written in English, it may be pronounced [kosher].

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